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Processed Food Addiction is Real AND It's Not Your Fault!

Approximately two billion people around the world suffer from being overweight or obese and a broad range of diet-related diseases. 

Caught in the vicious grips of the Big Food and Dieting industries’ surround marketing business model, people who are struggling with Processed Food Addiction (PFA) are mostly unaware of the realities of it.

Those afflicted by PFA live with self-blame, guilt and shame of losing control of their food and are unable to break free of the shackles of food and weight obsession. 

Dr Joan Ifland is the world’s leading authority on Processed Food Addiction (PFA) recovery and is raising global awareness of the scientific evidence for processed food addiction, its causes, and its severity.

Dr Ifland started an online community to help food addicts recover.  The Addiction Reset Community also known as the ARC is also shining a light on the path to recovery. Food Addiction CAN be put into remission.


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