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Managing Triggers Is Critical To Recovery

Issue No. 43 | Brought to you by the Addiction Reset Community – ARC
Unlocking the secrets of processed food addiction and guiding you to find freedom from food and weight obsession.

Underestimating triggers is a big mistake in recovery from Processed Food Addiction. 

There is a common myth in both the weight management and food addiction recovery circles, that the only trigger of overeating is the food itself. Various eating programs position themselves as the best way to stave off hunger and eliminate cravings for processed food, by reducing or eliminating macronutrients or entire food groups.


While these ways of eating may have various benefits, they underestimate the severity of processed food addiction and the complexity of the variety of triggers that cause relapse. This myopic approach to focusing only on the food leads to the false belief that if you have any longing, craving or urge to eat processed food, while on your clean food plan, then you must...

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