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Many health outcomes  depend on recovery from processed food addiction

Understanding addiction to processed foods opens the door to recovery from stubborn diet-related diseases.

Dr. Ifland teaches health practitioners
how to use food addiction recovery
to put diet-related diseases into remission

Lead editor/author of the textbook, Processed Food Addiction,
selected by the Oprah Winfrey Network as food addiction specialist,
Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and
innovator in food addiction recovery programs

Dr. Ifland's approach to recovery from stubborn diet-related diseases is clear: address food addiction as the driver of over-consumption of harmful processed foods

Since 1996, Dr. Ifland has helped people recover from diet-related disease by focusing on addiction to processed foods. As both an academic and a front-line guide, Joan has taught thousands of compulsive eaters how to find  peace with food and recover from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, fatigue, isolation, and obesity. Through adaptation of drug and alcohol addiction recovery methods, Dr. Ifland gives practitioners and clients new insights into why food addiction recovery can generate extraordinary health outcomes.

Whether you want to teach your clients about addiction to processed foods, develop diagnostic skills, write treatment plans, or provide the support that food addicts really need, Dr. Ifland's presentations equip you with recovery strategies that keep clients engaged and moving forward in recovery from diet-related diseases. The more devastated your client population, the more critical Dr. Ifland's trainings become.

Watch Dr. Ifland Speak

Excerpt from a presentation at
Low Carb USA, Seattle. May '19


Dr. Ifland Presents at Touro Medical School


Real-world experience
with an academic foundation

With a PhD in Addictive Nutrition from Union Institute,
an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business,
and 28 years of direct coaching of processed food addicts,
Dr. Ifland's insights into how to reliably arrest addiction to processed foods
are rooted in a rich and unique experience.

Dr. Robert Lustig

It is rare to find someone who is as knowledgeable as Dr. Joan Ifland in the field of food addiction. Her textbook, "Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment, and Recovery," provides the most extensive literature review on the subject - a valuable resource.

I'm also impressed with her work engaging online communities consisting of people suffering from food addiction. Dr. Ifland makes the case for processed food addiction using the science.

- Robert Lustig, MD, MSL, Author, Fat Chance and The Hacking of the American Mind

James Miller

If you're struggling with food addiction, Dr Ifland is who you need to see!
Checkout her new group. Will have her on the podcast again in 2024! It was one of my very favorites of 2023.

-James Miller Podcast

Low Carb USA

LowCarbUSA conference participants love Dr. Joan Ifland's presentations on processed food addiction and rate her as excellent. We have booked Dr. Ifland as a regular speaker at our events.

-Doug Reynolds, Founder/CEO, LowCarbUSA


Learn how to engage clients with diet-related conditions and how to support them in recovery.


Dr. Ifland tells the story of processed food addiction from the standpoint of the research

Learn about Dr. Ifland

Dr. Ifland's background, expertise, and story reveal the sources of her innovations.


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