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10 Factors That Make Food Addiction Harder To Beat

Issue No. 25 | Brought to you by the Addiction Reset Community – ARC
Unlocking the secrets of processed food addiction and guiding you to find freedom from food and weight obsession.

For many people, processed food addiction is severe and much harder to put into remission than alcohol and other drugs.  


Several factors may contribute to why food addiction is difficult for you to overcome:

  1. You have lost and regained weight.
  2. You can remember craving or longing for processed food as a child.
  3. You overeat sugar, artificial sweeteners, flour, gluten, excessive salt, dairy, processed fat or caffeine and tend to eat these in combinations.
  4. You overeat in reaction to a variety of stimuli such as temptation, advertising, relationships, fatigue or stress.
  5. You often eat at restaurants, fast food outlets, and convenience stores.
  6. Your household members eat processed food in front of you or leave them out where you can see them.
  7. Most of your friends and family eat...
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