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Key To Recovery From Processed Food Addiction, Is Understanding Severity

Issue No. 26 | Brought to you by the Addiction Reset Community – ARC
Unlocking the secrets of processed food addiction and guiding you to find freedom from food and weight obsession.

Having an accurate perspective of the severity of processed food addiction removes the cloak of self-blame and shame and helps you to consider the right level of recovery messaging and support that may be needed for recovery. 


For far too long, the focus has been on weight loss dieting with little attention being given to the underlying causes of uncontrolled eating. Understanding that you are dealing with a severe addiction is a major step in your quest to take back control of your food and save yourself from diet-related diseases.


Here are 10 reasons why processed food addiction is most commonly, a severe addiction:


1. Addiction in childhood 

Important factors include:

  • sugar
  • fat and salt combinations in children’s foods
  • children experiencing more...
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