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Recovery Is Not All About Perfection With Food

Issue No. 36 | Brought to you by the Addiction Reset Community – ARC
Unlocking the secrets of processed food addiction and guiding you to find freedom from food and weight obsession.

One of the most common mistakes that people make in recovery from addiction to processed foods, is that they put too much emphasis on the food. This Is not to say that the food is not an important aspect of food addiction recovery - but getting the food perfect is not enough, on its own, or long-term abstinence and putting a severe food addiction into remission. In fact, the food is just 20% of the recovery equation.



Over several decades of dealing with an ever-worsening worldwide obesity and health crisis, much of the focus has been on how to perfect the food. People struggling with overeating, overweight or obesity have been told to just adjust or reduce their food intake or to simply cut calories. There has been a widespread belief, driven by the food and diet industries,...

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