Planning to get on track with your food this new year?
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Planning to get on track with your food this new year?

Issue No. 18 | Brought to you by the Addiction Reset Community – ARC
Unlocking the secrets of processed food addiction and guiding you to find freedom from food and weight obsession.

Discover the ‘20 Must-Haves’ for recovery!


For many, the new year presents a timestamp for a new start to get control of your food and body weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Some may get off to an enthusiastic start with a new diet or healthy meal plan, but then become frustrated by failure to gain long-term control and achieve your health goals.



Despite your best efforts to abstain from unhealthy processed foods, your new year resolutions may be derailed as you return to eating these addictive ‘food-like’ substances, again and again. Worse still, you may be left disillusioned by diets, meal plans or support programs that fail to help you get back on track. 


The triggers that processed food addicts are confronted with everyday are pervasive in every facet of our society. The addiction is driven by persistent marketing messaging and advertising that is deliberately created to drive desire of processed foods. It is the addictive cueing to eat these processed foods leads to relapse. The research reveals that Processed Food Addiction is a severe addiction and recovery from requires immersion in a support program that suitably matches it in intensity.


After more than 25 years of researching the emerging field of Processed Food Addiction, writing and editing the only textbook on this subject, “Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment and Recovery” and running the globally successful Addiction Reset Community - ARC, Dr Joan Ifland has uncovered the 20 Must-haves for recovery.  


CLICK HERE to view a presentation by Dr Joan Ifland in which she shares the ‘20 Must-Haves’ for recovery from Processed Food Addiction.


Within the Addiction Reset Community (ARC) our members and their journeys are important to us. We find their stories inspiring and hopeful for everybody in health recovery.

“The concept of ‘one day at a time’ was mentioned on my first ARC Chat.

Before I could practice tools Joan offers here, I had to come to the awareness and acceptance that I was an addict. So, to even consider giving up this daily preoccupation with food addiction recovery, and its results in my life, was unthinkable! 

If we’re really honest, our program frees us from that preoccupation and frees up resources to have a much better life...but it takes time! So for me, living this way one day at a time, with the acceptance that processed food addiction is a killer addiction, from which I’ve suffered, has given me a freedom I’ve never experienced before. A freedom to live without being a slave to this disease.”


Many people reach out to Joan asking for advice and assistance on how they can begin their recovery journey.

Dear Joan:

Why does it take so long to get back control over my food?


Joan responds: 

Ending loss of control takes a long time because the food industry has been teaching the reward pathways in our brains to crave for decades. By putting addictive sugars, excessive salt, and fat into our food and addicting our reward pathways, and then surrounding us with advertising and availability, the processed food industry has deeply addicted our brains. It could take years to reteach those brain cells to stop craving and stay calm when stimulated by advertising and availability. 


Dr Joan Ifland (PhD) is a global expert on the subject of processed food addiction and is not a medical doctor. Information and response shared in this Newsletter are not intended for, and should not be construed as medical advice.

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